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Bird Dropping & Fouling Removal

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Bird fouling and dropping removal from pigeon or seagull roosts or pigeon lofts is dangerous work. The Pigeon droppings carry many dangerous airborne bacteria which can be fatal. Pigeon Fanciers Lung is a common human related lung disease.

We have specialist respiratory masks, suits and equipment to deal with this bird poo material. Insects  and rodents also infest these areas so it needs specialist attention.

Why Use PGH®?

  • Unique 7 Year Guarantee On All Bird Proofing Work
  • Fast Response
  • Free Surveys
  • Local Technicians
  • PGH® Is An Award Winning Company
  • We recommend a system that will actually work for your individual problem. See below for the most common bird control and prevention options.

How do you remove bird fouling & droppings?

With dropping removal we carry out our 4 step process:

  1. We carry out the consultation survey free of charge
  2. Send RAMS & full proposal with supporting images for the works
  3. We corner off the area and contain it and wetten the bird fouling mess
  4. We use the spray clear method and bag the product
  5. We take the bags to registered waste disposal
  6. We clear any insects and vermin living in the contaminated area
  7. We then spray with a final application of biocide to make the site safe

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