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24 Hour Service On All Pest Related Issues

Bird Pest Control With Bird Of Prey

Here at PGH Pest Bird Control we use trained hawks to scare away birds.

We specialise in using hawks for all types of bird control in all types of properties. We can get you a specialist technician quickly who can recommend the best solution bird of prey hawking program for you.

peter with hawk

This is a fantastic method where only temporary solutions are required or where other bird restriction methods won’t work.

It’s humane, impressive and a privilege to work with these amazing birds.

What to expect from us when we come to help you

  • All our employees are professionally trained and we are members of the BPCA British pest controllers organisation.
  • Your technician from PGH will work with you to identify all types of bird control and prevention in addition to hawking.
  • Guaranteed effective and humane control.
  • We send the same technician to you for the visits needed.
  • We love our jobs and if anything else is found we will tell you.
  • You will receive a print out of a report on site to show exactly what’s been done and any further recommendations.

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