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Carpet Beetle & Woolly Bear Control

Guaranteed Carpet Beetle & Woolly Bear Treatment & Control

In the UK Carpet Beetles are causing damage to textiles like carpets, clothes, and soft furnishings.

Carpet Beetles are a species that eat protein called keratin which is a protein found in all natural fibers. Finding the source to the infestation is key, it might not be where you are actually noticing them or where they have caused damage so far. We find in most cases there is an underlying problem that has not yet been addressed. For example old carpets stored in attic spaces can be the source of carpet beetle infestations or even birds nests in the building.

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  • Thorough survey and consultation to identify the source of infestation
  • Written proposal for recommended type of treatment
  • Control for eggs, larvae  and Carpet Beetle
  • Longer term control
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Why use PGH Carpet Beetle Control?

  • Our treatments kill all carpet beetles.
  • For effective beetle control, it is important to find their nests and what they are living on. We will treat the insects using the correct effective method.
  • Many companies will just treat the areas quickly & cheaply, and do nothing to combat the eggs or source of infestation. It is impossible to control infestations without knowing why they are there in the first place.
  • We treat the property safely, for example, it is dangerous for clothes to be sprayed so instead we would recommend these be extream cooled to kill eggs and larvae on them.
  • Our technicians are all fully employed and trained for effective carpet beetle fumigation.

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