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Deer Fencing & Prevention Experts.

We are expert specialists in deer management – including fencing and culling.

Effective Deer Fencing is more than putting up a deer fence, its identifying the species, the number of them and why they want to get in to the area you want to protect. This will all provide information on what type of fence or culling is needed. We carry out deer fencing across all areas in the South of the UK.

Deer fencing comes in many types depending on budget, aesthetics of the fence and the quality needed. To provide a solution to your problem we must carry out a survey and consultation. This enables us to see what can be done to solve your problem effectively.

Why Use PGH® Deer Fencing & Prevention?

  • Free Survey  to provide a solution specific to your needs.
  • Guarantee on installations
  • Effective deer management
  • Fast response and installation
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Deer Fencing Experts

  • All our employees are professionally trained and we are members of the BPCA British pest controllers organisation.
  • Guaranteed effective and deer netting and fencing fitted.
  • We love our jobs and if anything else is found we will tell you.
  • Specialist ex-gamekeeping and farming skilled technicians.
  • Call today to arrange a site survey.

Fast Response deer fencing

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Related Services

Deer fencing may work best along side culling deer, we also normally fit rabbit fencing to the bottom of the deer fencing.

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