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Experts in Live Honey Bee & Comb Removal

We remove honeybees under the brand Beegone® and are specialists in the expert live honeybee colony, comb and swarm removal from chimneys, roofs, walls and trees without using insecticides or pesticides. Beegone® removes bees alive and relocates them before bee-proofing the structure to prevent more returning – guaranteed!

Swarm removal from



Subject to site survey

Survey from



Live bee removal including scaffolding, buildings works, reinstatement, guarantee




Average is £6000

Identify your bee

It is sometimes difficult to tell if you have wasps or bees. If you are unsure then please feel free to email us some photographs or a video and we will help you to identify them. Wasps, bumblebees and honeybees are controlled differently. 

Risks when removing bees

Honeybee removal is a big job encompassing many skills required to carry out the works as needed to get rid of the bees in a humane way.

Removing honeybees legally and properly is not a quick simple task like treating a wasp nest.

The fabric of the building requires removing to gain access to the combs (the comb is protected by law) and bees. Beegone® will provide all skills required to extract the combs and bees unless otherwise stated.

Possible Risks

  • Working at height
  • Asbestos in building
  • Often over 50,000 bees can sting
  • Allergic reaction to bees (anaphylaxis)
  • Foraging Wasps & Hornets
  • Honey contamination by pest control firms
  • Leaking honey damage to your property
  • Falling materials
  • Falling equipment
  • Wrong access used
  • Bees swarming into the house
  • Bees recolonising void space
  • Heavy cherry pickers damaging Drains & Driveways and ground
  • Overhead cables
  • Wiring in hidden places
  • Weather conditions
  • Correct Insurance cover
  • Using a naked flame in buildings
  • No competent labour
  • Incomplete jobs leaving the premises open to water damage

Insect Control & Prevention

In the UK there are over 20,000 orders of insects

It is vital for us to understand what insect you have. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know – we can diagnose some insect problems over the phone – however in most cases we would carry out a specialist consultation and survey to provide the following benefits:

  • We cover a massive range of insect control from fleas, bed bugs, clothes moths, carpet beetles, and woodworm.
  • With all insects, it’s important to find their nests and what they are living on. We will treat the insects using the correct method but also look to kill the eggs and larvae.
  • Many companies will just treat the areas quickly & cheaply, and do nothing to combat the eggs or source of infestation. It is impossible to control infestations without knowing why they are there in the first place!

Our process


Survey your premises and identify insect, extent of your problem and insect issue you are facing.

Report and bespoke solution

A proposal with a bespoke solution, pictures and what guarantee we may offer for the work.

Carry out the work

Deal with insects effectively. Supply and install superior fixings or services to achieve your required results.

Service Report

Provide detailed report of service carried out.

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