Live Bee and Nest Removal

Experts in Live Honey Bee & Comb Removal

Contact Beegone® – specialists in the expert live honey bee and comb removal, honeybee swarms and colonies from chimneys, walls, roofs and trees without using insecticides or pesticides. Beegone® remove bees alive and relocate them before bee proofing the structure to prevent more returning – guaranteed!

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Risks when removing bees

Honeybee removal is a big job encompassing many skills required to carry out the works as needed to get rid of the bees in a humane way.

Removing honeybees legally and properly is not a quick simple task like treating a wasp nest.

The fabric of the building requires removing to gain access to the combs (the comb is protected by law) and bees. Beegone® will provide all skills required to extract the combs and bees unless otherwise stated.

Possible Risks

  • Working at height

  • Asbestos in building

  • Often over 50,000 bees that can sting

  • Allergic reaction to bees (anaphylaxis)

  • Foraging Wasps & Hornets

  • Honey contamination by pest control firms.

  • Leaking honey damage to your property

  • Falling materials

  • Falling equipment

  • Wrong access used

  • Bees swarming in to the house

  • Bees recolonising void space

  • Heavy cherry pickers damaging Drains & Driveways and ground

  • Overhead cables

  • Wiring in hidden places

  • Weather conditions

  • Correct Insurance cover

  • Using a naked flame in buildings

  • No competent labour

  • Incomplete jobs leaving the premises open to water damage

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