Bird Proofing, Control & Prevention

Bird proofing, control and prevention is a very specialist area and there are many pest bird species, however pigeons are the most common. All birds cause damage to buildings through nesting activity and by eroding surfaces with their faeces which contains uric acid, eventually this causes water ingress to building and thus spreading further damage.

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Bird Proofing and Control Methods We Offer

Leaving pest birds can cause:

  • Damage to buildings
  • Insect Infestations – like bird fleas
  • Loss of customers for commercial premises
  • Diseases and viruses which affect humans such as, Aspergillosis, Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis and Listeriosis
  • Risk of hazards such as slipping and tripping on fouling

What you will get from us:

  • Unique 6 year guarantee on all bird proofing work
  • Fast response
  • Local technicians
  • PGH® is an award winning company
  • Bespoke solution to your problem. 

Our process


Survey your premises and identify species, extent of your problem and issue you are facing with the pest birds.

Report and bespoke solution

A proposal with a bespoke solution, pictures and what guarantee we will offer for the work.

Carry out the work

Deal with pest birds humanely. Supply and install superior fixings or services to achieve your required results.

Service Report

Provide detailed report of service carried out.

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