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Rodent Control & Prevention

Rodents can cause significant damage to buildings, gardens, property, wildlife  and people.

We will work with you to identify access points and ways to exclude and make the site less conducive to rodents and we will control them effectively too.
Our rodent control programs are highly successful and require 3 visits to eliminate most rodent problems.
We specialise in rodent prevention and unlike our competitors actually find all their sneaky entry points and stop them using them again.

Why Use PGH® Rodent Control & Prevention?

  • We find out how rodents are getting in
  • We guarantee our rodent prevention work to stop them coming back
  • We carry out humane and effective control
  • We send the same technician on each visit of the treatment program

Here at PGH® Pest Control we will:

  • Respond quickly to your call
  • Investigate thoroughly to identify the problem, where the rodents are located and their access points including drains
  • Set traps and bait safely and well away from pets and children
  • Deal with the rodents speedily, safely and humanely
  • Put in place preventive methods to help stop re-infestation
  • Provide you with professional written records to show exactly which rodents have been found, how they have been dealt with.

This is what the common pest rodents look like. We specialise in stopping them returning after removing them.


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