Mouse Control And Prevention

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Mouse Pest Control

If you have mice then you have come to the right place.

We specialise in mouse control in all types of properties inside and out. We can get you a specialist technician quickly. We specialise in finding their entry points and guarantee our mouse proofing work.

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What to expect from us when we come to help you

Here at PGH Pest Control & Prevention we aim to get to customers quickly who have mouse problems as we underst and the disease and damage these species pose.

We require by law and to ensure a safe and effective treatment a program consisting of a minimum of three visits set approximately weekly apart, we have an array of methods that are fast acting and safe from traps to specialist baits.

We advise visiting all areas inside the property and outside the property as mice are clever and will gain access to some of the most unlikely places.

It is our priority to ensure a stress free completely safe treatment that wont effect any pets, other wildlife or people whilst providing an effective treatment.

For all our services payment can be made easily over the phone via debit card.

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Mouse identification guide

Mouse species vary but the evidence is the same, here are some common visual indications.


What mouse?

Determining what species of mouse you have is not info we need to help you. We will know when we visit you, The key is to control mice, eliminate and prevent mice.

Mice Damage

Mouse damage

In this image you can see the wiring damage caused by not exterminating mice. You can also see mouse droppings and grease marks. Its vital to prevent mice not just to control mice.

Mice Droppings

Mouse droppings

Mouse droppings contain bacteria which can become airborne. This is seriously dangerous to breath in and must be removed in built up situations. We do offer this decontamination service.

Why deal with mice?

Mice spread disease as they search for food and shelter. This poses great health risks particularly in kitchens or where children might play. The natural and constant gnawing habit of mice means they also cause damage to your property, furnishings and equipment.

Over a long period of time having an infestation controlled or not controlled will build up a natural food source known as keratin for the clothes moth and textile pests that will eat their bodies and fur. This is bad as then these textile pests move in to your clothes and carpets, another reason mouse proofing the property is so important after controlling them.

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