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Your Specialist Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Experts

Solar Panel Pigeon Control & Proofing

Solar panels provide pigeons with warmth shelter and a safe place for building nests

Pigeon proofing solar panels with the correct method is vital. We know how which is why we give 5 year guarantees minimum on our work.

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  • Correct & safe access method provided.
  • We guarantee not to void the warranty on your solar panel investment.
  • We are insured and our pigeon proof system does not effect how the panels work.
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Why use PGH solar panel bird and pigeon prevention

  • All of our technicians are local & fully employed.
  • When pigeons are living under solar panels bitting parasite insects will also be living there. We also treat the area for insects after we do the solar panel proofing this stops insects coming in to the house for new human hosts via the roof attic.
  • The longer the solar panels are left without proofing the more problematic it can become. The pigeons could also damage the solar panels.
  • Our solar panel proofing system is guaranteed for a minimum of fives years.
  • 5 Years Guarantee On Solar Panel Proofing System Installed 

  • Guaranteed Not To Void Your Panels Warranty

  • Specialist Access Provided To Reach The Panels Safely

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