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80% of rat jobs we go to originate from drainage defects. 5% of house fires are caused by rats chewing through electrical cables. This is concerning for all of us. Luckily we are the leading experts in rat prevention from sewers and drains.

If you can hear rats around the pipes, toilets, under the floor or in the roof and there are no obvious entry points around the house then its likely to be the drains. Here at PGH Pest Control & Prevention we can stop rats in drains getting into your property or home.


Rats getting into your property, do you suspect through the drains or sewers?  We can stop them. Guaranteed. 

  • Effective control of initial infestation.
  • On the first visit of three visits booked to eliminate the rats, we carry out our preventative survey to identify all access points. Our first visit takes on average between 40 minutes to an hour and a half. Please note time on site depends on the size of your property. We don’t just put poison down we find entry points.
  • We use drain dyes, smokes, drain sewer lifting equipment to locate drain runs and defects.
  • Before the last visit of the initial control & rat exclusion program, we send through a complete proofing and preventative proposal to stop rats getting back in through the drains. The drain and sewer rat and rodent proofing we carry out is guaranteed.
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Rats pose significant damage potential to buildings, health, and property 5% of fires are caused by rats chewing electrical cables. Their teeth continually grow and they must gnaw through materials to keep them down. This could be cables & pipes in the roof or cavities in a building – which can cause flooding or fires. 50% of rats carry fatal Weil’s Disease, and if that’s not enough the noises in the roof & smells they create are horrendous. But don’t worry – with PGH Pest Control & Prevention this is all about to stop.

The types of typical drainage defects  

Root growth in drains

Broken or stepped pipework

Holes caused by impact or weight damage

Redundant drains – not capped off correctly following building of an extension or conservatory

The above are just a few areas, though rats are opportunists and sneaky – it’s vital to stop access and all entry points rats use.

We have specialist cameras, tracking dies, smoke detectors and drain equipment to inspect all these areas effectively.

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact

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01483 273 478

Testimonial Mr D Lewis, Cranleigh – Surrey

We had an ongoing rat problem for many years since buying our house which was causing endless problems… We used council pest control, over 6 private pest control firms and none of them found the entry points the rats were using – they all just killed the rats. We then tried PGH Pest Control & Prevention, we liked the fact they actually had prevention in their name, so we tried them and we were right. Rats Prevented! since then – 4 years later no rats! Thank you PGH team! We will recommend to our friends!

We specialise in Rodent prevention in all types of properties. We can get you a specialist technician to quickly recommend the best solution to stop these damaging pests coming back! We specialise in finding their entry points and guarantee our rat proofing work. Stop rats entering your home!

What to expect from us when we come to help you

  • All our employees are professionally trained and we are members of the BPCA British Pest Control Association.
  • Your technician from PGH will work with you to identify access points and ways to exclude and make the site less conducive to rodents in the future, this is better for the environment and saves you money in the long run.
  • Guaranteed effective and humane control.
  • Our rodent control programs are highly successful and require 3 visits ( subject to site survey) before the third visit we will carry out rodent prevention work (this is an additional amount to the initial control) Please note – It is vital that prevention is carried out or these damaging pests will return, very soon.
  • We send the same technician to you for all three visits and for any rodent proofing needed around the property, this is so that the job quality is high and no areas are missed.
  • We love our jobs and if anything else is found we will tell you.
  • You will receive a work report on site to show exactly what has been done, baits or traps used and their locations and any recommendations on preventative work.

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