Badger Prevention

Badger Control

We specialise in Badger identification and prevention. We also work with ecologists and the licensing authority if needed, to resolve badger problems.

The two main types of badger activity are sett activity and foraging activity. This badger activity can pose a number of serious problems:

  • Contamination from faeces in badger latrines as badgers dig a hole to defecate into.
  • Damage to lawns where they are digging up the grass to get to worms and other invertebrates under the grass for food.
  • Damage caused to poultry and lives stock
    • from disease and virus spreading and
    • taking poultry to eat
  • Crop and plant damage
  • Damage to fences and other property
  • Badgers also carry ticks that can transmit Lyme disease, which can be fatal if not treated.

Badger consultation survey to establish if legal to prevent or exclude




Badgers and their setts are protected. Specific laws apply to what you can and can’t do to control badgers.

To understand your problem and to advise further we recommend a site survey be done by us. Through the survey we may identify the simplest solution which we would also guarantee.

We can identify the damage and confirm if it is badgers or foxes which cause similar risks and damage. We can then report on the best solution to exclude badgers and guarantee they will not breach our badger prevention work.

Badger Setts

If a sett is identified on site, an additional survey may be required by our ecologist who will then carry out a more detailed survey of the sett’s activity. They will liaise with the licensing authority on your behalf to try to gain permission to carry out the recommended badger control solution.

Due to the complex process it is not guaranteed that it will be possible to carry out the works however a survey is the starting point.

Badgers and their setts (tunnels and chambers where they live) are protected by law.

The law and What you must not do

You could be sent to prison for up to 6 months and get an unlimited fine if you’re found guilty of any of these offences:

  • intentionally capture, kill or injure a badger
  • damage, destroy or block access to their setts
  • disturb badgers in setts
  • treat a badger cruelly
  • deliberately send or intentionally allow a dog into a sett
  • bait or dig for badgers

You’re breaking the law and could get an unlimited fine if you:

  • have or sell a badger, or offer a live badger for sale
  • have or possess a dead badger or parts of a badger (if you got it illegally)
  • mark or attach a marking device to a badger

Large Animal Management Services

Wild animals can cause damage:

Wild animals on your property can destroy not only valuable plants and vegetables, but also orchards and even fencing and outbuildings.

Foxes have always been a threat to domestic pets and chickens in rural areas, but today they are becoming ever braver and are often seen in towns and cities.

Unlike rodents wild animals  do not necessarily need to be destroyed and may even be protected in some cases, very often the best answer is prevention.

What you will get from us:

  • Fast response
  • Local technicians
  • PGH® is an award winning company
  • Bespoke solution to your problem. 

Our process


Survey your premises and identify species, extent of your problem and issue you are facing with the wild animals.

Report and bespoke solution

A proposal with a bespoke solution, pictures and what guarantee we will offer for the work.

Carry out the work

Deal with animals humanely. Supply and install superior fixings or services to achieve your required results.

Service Report

Provide detailed report of service carried out.

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