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Hello and Welcome to PGH Pest Control & Prevention. Our mission is to identify, control & exclude pests. Here at PGH we care about our customers and guarantee to deliver to your expectations and exceed them.


We provide solutions that keep your property pest free. If you have any questions or require any advice please do get in touch.

Kindest Regards –  Peter Higgs. Managing Director


10 years pest control & prevention

We specialise in: RODENTS: rat, mouse, squirrel, mole, INSECTS: maggot, woodworm, carpet beetle, wasp, hornet, flea, fly, bee, bed bug, cockroach, moth, ant, ANIMALS: badger, fox, mink, deer, rabbit, stoat, cat, BIRDS: pigeon, parakeet, seagull, birds of prey, glis glis, bird netting, bird wire, solar panel proofing and more

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Your Experience is Our Business 

  • PGH® is not a franchise or a call centre – we do the work ourselves
  • Don’t wait in all day for us – we give a 2/3 hour time slot convenient to you.
  • Service Quality – we endeavour to send the same technician back to you.
  • Friendly & experienced – fully employed local expert technicians.
  • On the phone support – all day.
  • Valuable pest prevention knowledge not just control – we do this work for you.

Expert Specialists In:

  • Guaranteed pest prevention service.
  • Flying & crawling Insects.
  • Rats, mice & squirrels.
  • Bird & Pigeon netting and spikes.
  • Woodworm.
  • Non lethal honeybee relocations.

Covering All Areas in London & the South East

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What pest are you having trouble with?

Rat Control Services

Rats can chew on furniture, spread diseases and contaminate food. More >>


Wasp Control Services

Wasps are most active in the summer and can cause painful stings and bites. More >>


Mole Control Services

Moles can cause significant damage to garden areas & create ‘molehills’. More >>


Bird Control Services

Birds deface buildings, encourage insect infestations & make a lot of noise. More >>


Deer Control Services

Deer can cause severe damage to tree bark and a wide range of plants. More >>


Moth Control Services

Mice can chew through wiring and contaminate food. More >>


Rabbit Control Services

Rabbits burrow holes in turf and cause damage to vegetation and flowers. More >>


Fly Control Services

Flies contaminate food & spread diseases like E. coli. More >>


Squirrel Control Services

Squirrels pose a fire threat as they are known to damage electrical cables. More >>


Badger Control Services

Badgers cause harm by digging up gardens & can be aggressive towards pets. More >>


Cockroaches Control Services

Cockroaches are problematic to businesses & carry harmful diseases. More >>


Fox Control Services

Foxes scavenge bins & can be a real threat to pet rabbits or poultry. More >>


Interesting places we have served

windsor castle
Windsor Castle
beauleau abbey
Beaulieu Abbey
Chessington Zoo
Royal Holloway University of London

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