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Actual removal of old or dormant wasp nests

The papery nests should be removed after about two weeks of the treatment, as we would have advised. However if you are making enquiries in to this service and it’s your first time here welcome to PGH. If you have any further questions then please do call us.

The old nests should be removed where ever possible or they can become problematic later down the road. We get many calls from plumbers, electricians and tradesmen who have come across nests in roof spaces and have dropped tools and delayed works as they have come across a dormant or old nest. Not only can it hold up work, they can even be a fire risk if the nests are near downlights in roof spaces ( ceiling lights – the hot element is in the wall/roof cavity), the material is highly flammable.

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  • Stop queens from hibernating and surviving in the nests.
  • Prevent a fire risk.
  • Peace of mind that all nests are properly removed.
  • Removal of all nests accessible from the roof space.
  • Prevention advice provided. See here for more info.
  • Safe effective and clean service.
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Why Get Your Wasps Sorted With PGH Wasp Control?

Wasps present the following risks so if you’re not sure on getting a professional in or not here are some things to think about. Wasps can..

  • Can be fatal if the nest is aggravated.
  • Cause a fire risk -we have been to jobs where wasps have caught fire within downlighters (spot lights fitted in the ceiling/loft)
  • Multiply quickly, slowly becoming an issue later in the season.
  • Enter vulnerable areas in the property later in the season for light and warmth.
  • Live until Jan or February if the nest is large.
  • If left create queens that will hibernate in the roof until the following season.
  • Increase in the number of nests you will get year on year if not treated.

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  • Discounted while on site! To add even more value we even discount additional nests when on site. Additional nests can be identified by different locations the wasps are entering the building through.
  • Removal Of The Dead Nest – We offer complete nest control, and a follow up visit to remove dead nests if purchased at an additional rate for more info please ask. Dont worry if you cant find the wasp nest, that’s our job. We guarantee all of our treatments for the year!
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Complete wasp nest removal

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