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Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control


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Solving pest problems others can't

Pigeon Control and Prevention Services for Homes and Businesses

As a leading pest control company in the UK, PGH Pest Prevention understands the nuisances and damage that pigeons can cause to homeowners and businesses alike. Pigeons are not only unsightly, but they also pose significant health risks and can cause property damage through their nesting activity and by eroding surfaces with their feces which contain uric acid, eventually, this causes water ingress to build and thus spreads further damage.

Our expert team is here to help you tackle your pigeon problem head-on, providing professional and effective solutions that ensure your premises remain pest-free. 

Pigeon Problems:

  • Property damage: Pigeon droppings are acidic and can cause significant damage to buildings, eroding surfaces, and staining facades. 
  • Health risks: Pigeons can carry and transmit various diseases, such as salmonella and E. coli, which can pose a serious health risk to humans. 
  • Noise and nuisance: Pigeons are known for their loud cooing, which can be a source of annoyance and disrupt day-to-day activities. 



Is pigeon control safe and humane? 

Yes, our technicians use humane and environmentally friendly methods to control and remove pigeons, ensuring the safety of the people and pets in your environment. 

How long does it take to see results? 

The time it takes to achieve desired results depends on the solution method you choose. There are many options available to control pigeons. 

Will the pigeons come back? 

Our comprehensive approach to pigeon control, helps to minimise the risk of pigeons returning to the areas of your property that are proofed. Some bird control measures such as bird control with bird of prey are a temporary solution.


Our Approach to Pigeon Control and Removal

At PGH Pest Prevention, we provide comprehensive and humane pigeon control solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our approach includes: 

  • Survey: Our qualified technicians will conduct a thorough survey of your premises to identify the severity of the pigeon problem and any potential entry points. 
  • Customised plan: Based on the inspection findings, we’ll offer a bespoke solution that includes a combination of deterrents, exclusion measures, and humane trapping or removal methods. 
Exceptional customer service and follow-up
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Exceptional customer service and follow up. Very happy with this company and the quality of their work. So much greater than the previous company I initially used. Branden and Ryan were a pleasure to engage with and their knowledge of the subject at hand was very reassuring.
Cannot recommend these guys enough!
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Cannot recommend these guys enough! We were in desperate need of quick help with a rodent issue we were having. They were so efficient, clean and responded quickly. Communication was great, and nothing was too much of a bother. They even came back 3 weeks after the job had been completed to make sure we were happy and to check the areas. The whole team is faultless, thanks guys!!
Wish I had used this company first!
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PGH have been brilliant. I had an issue with another pest company and wish I had used this company first! They've listened, are interested in finding a solution and couldn't have been more professional or kinder. They did a very thorough survey and developed an appropriate treatment plan and have been available to offer advice when I've called. I really would highly recommend them.
Highly recommend for peace of mind and excellence
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PGH provided a great service throughout. The customer service was always friendly, efficient and prompt in making arrangements and listening to concerns. Oliver was fantastic with his investigation, his attention to detail and work all done in a very professional and friendly service. Highly recommend for peace of mind and excellence - very grateful.
100% recommend
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Peter surveyed the problem of birds in my roof space, and I received a detailed quote which I accepted. The work, which seemed complicated to me, was carried out as described and humanely. I am very satisfied as this problem has been causing me a lot of stress for a long time, and now it is resolved. 100% recommended.

Cost of Service

From £500 + VAT

Subject to site survey, jobs can run from £500 – £50,000

*prices vary depending on geographical location, size of infestation, property type, and species and service.  For further information on our pricing click here.


1. Diagnose

the root cause of the problem to provide a one-time fix

2. Solve

pest problems others can’t with our expert knowledgeable team

3. Guarantee

our long term solutions implemented or we will make it right

Pigeon infestations can be detrimental to homeowners and businesses, causing damage to properties, posing health risks, and creating noise disturbances. PGH Pest Prevention is committed to providing effective, humane, and environmentally friendly solutions for pigeon control and removal. Our customised treatment plans, competitive pricing, and ongoing support set us apart from competitors, making us the top choice for all your pest control needs. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and regain control of your property. 

PGH Bird Control and Prevention Products:

Avishock is an electric track bird deterrent system designed to protect buildings and properties from birds like pigeons and seagulls. It operates by delivering a harmless low voltage electric shock to the bird’s feet, similar to electric fences used for livestock. This method effectively deters birds from areas such as roofs, ledges, windows, parapets, signage, and metal beams and girders. Avishock is advantageous for its long-term effectiveness and can be installed on various surfaces. It’s also fast to install and requires low maintenance. Notably, it’s been proven harmless to birds, making it a humane bird control option

Hawking and falconry bird control is an innovative method for deterring large flocks of birds such as seagulls or pigeons from certain areas. This approach uses birds of prey like hawks or falcons, which are flown through the affected area multiple times over a prolonged period. This process teaches the local bird population that the area is unsafe, encouraging them to find alternative places to nest and feed. The birds of prey are trained to scare off species that are typically their prey. This method is particularly effective in areas where large numbers of people gather, like sports stadiums, which produce a lot of food waste that attracts birds, or at construction sites where birds might build nests and cause disruptions.

Bird Free Gel is a pigeon repellent gel that deters birds using a combination of visual, olfactory, and tactile stimuli. It contains pyranine, which fluoresces under UV light to appear like fire to birds, and peppermint oil, which affects the bird’s olfactory and trigeminal nerves, creating a strong aversion. The gel is also very sticky, deterring birds that touch it. This multi-sensory approach quickly teaches birds to avoid treated surfaces, proven effective with birds learning to stay away within a day of application.

Bird spikes are a physical deterrent used to prevent birds from perching or nesting on surfaces such as ledges, windowsills, and rooflines. They consist of long, needle-like rods attached to a base, which can be fixed to various surfaces. The spikes create an uneven and uncomfortable surface for birds, effectively preventing them from landing. This method is humane and non-intrusive, as it does not harm the birds but simply discourages them from settling in the treated areas. Bird spikes are widely used in urban environments to manage issues related to bird presence on buildings.

Post and wire systems are a bird deterrent method used to prevent birds from perching on ledges, beams, and similar surfaces. The system involves installing posts at regular intervals along the surface, with thin wires strung between them. When birds attempt to land, the instability and discomfort caused by the wires deter them from perching. This method is subtle and less visually intrusive than other deterrents, making it suitable for use on historic or aesthetically sensitive buildings. It’s an effective, humane way to discourage birds without harming them, widely used in urban settings to manage bird-related issues.

Bird netting is a preventative solution used to protect structures from birds. It involves installing a net over areas such as rooftops, balconies, and airways to prevent birds from accessing and nesting in these spaces. The netting acts as a physical barrier, effectively blocking birds without causing them harm. This method is particularly useful for large areas and is favored for its discreet appearance and versatility. Bird netting is widely adopted in both urban and rural settings to manage bird-related problems, offering a humane and effective way to deter birds from unwanted areas.

Bird guano removal is a crucial service for areas heavily affected by bird droppings. Accumulated bird guano can pose health risks, damage structures, and create unsightly and unhygienic conditions. Professional removal services use specialized cleaning methods and equipment to safely and effectively clean the affected areas. These services often include disinfecting the area to eliminate pathogens and odors. Regular guano removal is essential in urban areas with high bird populations, ensuring a clean, safe, and presentable environment for both residential and commercial properties.

Birdproofing solar panels is a specialized service aimed at protecting solar panel installations from bird nesting and the associated damages. Birds, particularly pigeons, often nest under solar panels, leading to debris accumulation, damage to wiring, and reduced efficiency of the panels. Birdproofing involves installing a mesh or similar barrier around the edges of the solar panels, preventing birds from accessing the area underneath. This solution is effective in maintaining the integrity and performance of solar panels, while also ensuring the area remains clean and free from bird-related debris and damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our technicians will install various deterrents and exclusion measures, such as bird spikes, netting, or bird wire systems, to prevent pigeons from roosting or nesting on your property. 

Yes, all our technicians are highly trained, certified, and experienced in handling various pest control issues, including pigeon control and removal. 

We understand the urgency of addressing pigeon problems and strive to provide prompt service. In most cases, we can schedule an inspection within 24-48 hours of your enquiry, followed by the implementation of the treatment plan. 

Our pigeon control methods are designed to target pigeons specifically and should not harm other birds or wildlife. We always use humane and environmentally friendly techniques to ensure minimal impact on non-target species. 

Yes, PGH Pest Prevention provides comprehensive pigeon control solutions for both homeowners and businesses across the UK. Our customised plans cater to the unique requirements of each client, ensuring effective results regardless of the property type. 

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