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Pest Control Solutions for the Food Industry

Pest Control Solutions for the Food Industry

Pest Control Solutions for the Food Industry


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pest problems others can’t with our expert, knowledgeable team

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Solving pest problems others can't

Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions for the Food Industry by PGH Pest Prevention

If your business or organisation is involved in the storage, manufacture, transport, or sale of food, then legislation requires you to prevent pest infestation and you must take steps to ensure:

  • Food does not become contaminated.
  • Food areas are free from infestation.
  • Food areas are kept clean and in good condition.

The food industry is a vital sector in the UK economy, and ensuring a clean and hygienic environment is essential to maintain consumer confidence and meet regulatory requirements. Pests pose a significant threat to food safety and can cause contamination, product spoilage, and damage to equipment and facilities. At PGH Pest Prevention, we understand the unique pest control challenges faced by the food industry and provide comprehensive solutions to keep your business pest-free. 

Typical Pest Problem Faced by Food Industry: 

Pests such as rodents, insects such as cockroaches, ants, flies, SPI’s (stored product insects), and birds are the typical pest problems faced and they can cause significant damage, leading to financial losses and damage to reputation. 


  • Contamination of food products and packaging 
  • Loss of revenue due to product spoilage and damage 
  • Damage to equipment and facilities 


  • Health and safety risks to employees and consumers 
  • Non-compliance with regulatory requirements 



Are your pest control treatments safe for food products and packaging?

A thorough site inspection will be carried out and the safest approach to dealing with your particular issue will be recommended. Safety is paramount and risk assessments will be supplied.

How do you ensure long-term protection against future infestations? 

PGH Pest Prevention solves pest problems others can’t. If our recommended solutions are carried out then long-term protection will be ensured

How quickly can you respond to a pest infestation? 

As soon as we have completed our survey and made recommendations which you agree to, we can commence the pest treatment.


How PGH Pest Prevention Overcomes the Issue and Our Approach:

At PGH Pest Prevention, we use a comprehensive approach to tackle pest problems in the food industry. Our services include: 

  • Thorough inspection of your premises to identify pest infestations and entry points 
  • Customised pest control plan based on your business type and specific needs 
  • Implementation of effective pest control treatments using eco-friendly methods and products where at all possible 
  • Preventative measures to ensure long-term protection against future infestations 
Exceptional customer service and follow-up
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Exceptional customer service and follow up. Very happy with this company and the quality of their work. So much greater than the previous company I initially used. Branden and Ryan were a pleasure to engage with and their knowledge of the subject at hand was very reassuring.
Cannot recommend these guys enough!
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Cannot recommend these guys enough! We were in desperate need of quick help with a rodent issue we were having. They were so efficient, clean and responded quickly. Communication was great, and nothing was too much of a bother. They even came back 3 weeks after the job had been completed to make sure we were happy and to check the areas. The whole team is faultless, thanks guys!!
Wish I had used this company first!
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PGH have been brilliant. I had an issue with another pest company and wish I had used this company first! They've listened, are interested in finding a solution and couldn't have been more professional or kinder. They did a very thorough survey and developed an appropriate treatment plan and have been available to offer advice when I've called. I really would highly recommend them.
Highly recommend for peace of mind and excellence
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PGH provided a great service throughout. The customer service was always friendly, efficient and prompt in making arrangements and listening to concerns. Oliver was fantastic with his investigation, his attention to detail and work all done in a very professional and friendly service. Highly recommend for peace of mind and excellence - very grateful.
100% recommend
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Peter surveyed the problem of birds in my roof space, and I received a detailed quote which I accepted. The work, which seemed complicated to me, was carried out as described and humanely. I am very satisfied as this problem has been causing me a lot of stress for a long time, and now it is resolved. 100% recommended.

Price subject to a site survey

*prices vary depending on geographical location, size of infestation, property type, and species and service.  For further information on our pricing click here.

Our pest control services for food industries are competitively priced and tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. For an accurate quote, please contact our team to arrange a free, no-obligation survey and consultation. 


1. Diagnose

the root cause of the problem to provide a one-time fix

2. Solve

pest problems others can’t with our expert knowledgeable team

3. Guarantee

our long term solutions implemented or we will make it right

Comparing Our Service with Others:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we use eco-friendly methods and products that are safe for food products and packaging. Our trained technicians ensure that all treatments are applied according to industry standards and regulations, minimising any risks to the quality and safety of your products. 

Our preventative measures include identifying and sealing entry points, removing potential food and water sources, and implementing regular inspections and monitoring. We work with you to create a customised pest control plan that addresses your specific needs and ensures long-term protection. 

We understand the urgency of pest problems in the food industry and aim to respond quickly to any infestations. Our team is available to provide flexible scheduling, including after-hours and weekend appointments, to accommodate your needs. 

We recommend having your food business inspected at least once a month, or more frequently if you have a history of pest problems or work in a high-risk industry. 

Our trained technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your premises, looking for signs of pest activity and entry points. We provide a detailed report and recommendations for a customised pest control plan that complies with food safety regulations. 

Yes, we offer pest control services for various sectors of the food industry, including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, supermarkets, and food processing plants. Our customised plans are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. 

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