Dead Rat Removal Experts

Dead Rat Removal Specialists

Had another company in, put the bait down yourself? Dead rats after a rodent treatment will happen especially if no rodent proofing was done.

We have specialist equipment to help locate & remove dead rats and other vermin in buildings whether you know where it is or not we can remove it if it is viewable  and when your not sure where it is we have the equipment to in most cases find the dead body.

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Why Use PGH Dead Rat Removal Service?

  • Here at PGH we underst and what it is like having dead rats in your property, we can provide you with a detailed list of proactive rat prevention information  and quotes where required to stop dead rats turning up again.

Let PGH Pest Control Remove  That Dead Rat For You

  • Locate and remove dead bodies, where possible. Most rat bodies can be removed.
  • The rat is taken away and then the area  is disinfected and sprayed to kill parasites and maggots.
  • We have specialist cameras and odour remover bags to help locate and remove the smell.
  • Same day service provided where needed.
  • Process & expertise provided to stop dead rats ending up in your property again.
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Why not stop this happening again with our guaranteed rat proofing service?

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Rat Proofing & Prevention Service

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