How to Keep Bed Bugs from Your Bed

Bed bugs – the dreaded insect – are making an alarming comeback. A few years ago, bedbugs were simply the bugs of myth from the old nursery rhyme:

“Good night, sleep tight

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”


However, the increase in international travel and a few unfortunate carry-ons has lead to a resurgence of bed bugs in the UK and other civilized countries. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce your chances of finding the unwelcome critters in your bed, and plenty of ways to get rid of them once they arrive.

4 Ways to Prevent Bedbug Infestations:

Since bed bugs are now a common pest in the United Kingdom, it is harder to prevent the spread of the insect. Luckily, there are some steps you can take that will reduce your chances of exposure. Try the following methods to reduce your chances of getting infected:

Bed casings: Many mattress stores and bed stores sell bed casings for your mattress. These casings are airtight cases and do not allow the bugs to reach the mattress. If the bugs cannot find a home, they will not bother you.

Wash bedding: Washing your bedding frequently can deter the presence of bed bugs. Bed bugs prefer dirty bedding that allows them to live in the dark corners of the bed. If you wash your bedding and encourage exposure to the light, the bugs may never visit your room.

Install a climb-up monitor: A climb-up monitor prevents the bugs from climbing up to your mattress at all. This is a handy tool to use after you know you have been exposed to the critters.


Check your hotel room: Before you unpack your things at a hotel, pull the bedding off of the bed. Check the mattress crevices for signs of bugs or their feces. If you notice anything suspicious, demand a new room.

How to Spot An Infestation:

Spotting an infestation is easy. Simply watch out for the following signs:

●            Small, unexplained bites on your arms, legs, or other sensitive areas (often in a straight line)

●            Dark spots on the mattress, bedding, or sofa cushions

●            Tiny, flat, brown bugs the size of a pinhead walking around on your mattress or sofa

●            Dark spots around the seams of a mattress

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs:

Getting rid of bed bugs is not that difficult, but if you do not completely eradicate the entire colony of bugs, they will come back.

●            Remove all bedding and wash as hot as possible. Dry in direct sunlight.

●            Vacuum up all the little bugs you can find.

●            Air out the mattress for several days outdoors in direct sunlight.

●            Sleep somewhere else.

●            Hire a professional pest remover to lay poison for the bugs.

●            Lay luggage in direct sunlight for several days.

You can also prevent a bug attack by purchasing a mattress that is resistant to bed bugs. Usually, these beds have a special casing to prevent bed exposure or are treated with a material that is repellant to bed bugs.


Bed bugs are not fun, but with the proper steps, you can prevent the infestation or fix it within just a few days. If you follow these steps, your bed will remain bug-free for as long as you own it.


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