Loft spaces made safe clean and insulated!

Loft Insulation Clearance & Removal

Specialist loft insulation clearance from contaminated loft spaces and eaves cupboards

We cover all types loft insulation in all attic roof spaces and eaves spaces. Dirty loft insulation is dangerous and needs treating with biocide and removing professionally.

  • We seal the area off so the contaminates don’t enter the living space or work area.
  • We spray and decontaminate the loft insulation.
  • We bag it and seal it up ready for licenced disposal.
  • We treat with biocide and insect knock down to kill any parasites.
  • We know what asbestos is and ensure this wont be touched – not putting you at risk.
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Why deal with insulation?

Contaminated insulation is dangerous because it becomes airborne very easily, the viruses and bacteria from rodents birds or just dust can then be inhaled this then becomes a significant hazard to health and safety risk.

PGH Pest Control & Prevention has a proven track record in providing a wide range of effective roof and attic loft clearance services across all areas in the south.

We have over 15 year’s experience at the forefront of specialist decontamination work and working at a wide variety of sites including industrial sites, heritage sites, ports, office blocks, construction sites, shopping centres, local authorities, and farms.

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Why Use PGH® Loft Insulation Removal

  • Fast Response.
  • Guaranteed work.
  • Quote & supporting images sent through immediately after survey.
  • All technicians are trained to use access equipment to reach area safely.
  • Respiratory equipment is provided to our team keeping them safe when removing loft insulation.
  • We endeavour to send the same technicians to complete your project.
  • We will identify during the work any further issues like rodents and or woodworm and point it out to you – providing more value.

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