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Effective Fly Control Treatments, Fly killers & Screens 

Fly Pest Control

In the Uk there are over 7000 species of fly

As there are so many species and many of them are almost identical its often a lot more technical then just getting your DIY fly spray. Here at PGH we are specialists in effective control for all species of fly in all types of properties. Carrying out a pesticide treatment to kill flies in most cases is not enough, we specialise in diagnosing why you have them in the first place and how to prevent or manage the flies long term.

  • Correct identification of the fly species is key.
  • Source of fly infestation found and removed.
  • Correct treatment method recommended and provided by our in house team.
  • Physical and chemical treatments depending on what your situation needs.
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Why Use PGH Fly Control & Prevention?

Because we know what fly we are dealing with as we have identified it we can provide a full range of effective treatments including all of the following types of services.

  • Knock down fly control fumigations.
  • Fly killers to manage an ongoing problem more environmentally friendly.
  • Fit fly screens.
  • Fit fly doors.
  • Fitting of specialist fly screen windows.

The way that things should be done.

A site evaluation that demonstrated expertise, a clear quotation procedure, and a efficient (and legal) removal of two awkwardly-sited nests in my house’s roof by friendly and communicative technicians. I would definitely recommend this company.

Rowlie McBeath

Outstanding Service

Outstanding. Very helpful and informative, and more importantly, wasps have not returned.

Zoe Hollins

Great Company

Great company. Kept to appointment times. Good communication. Would highly recommend. Used for wood worm and mice.

Wendy Gay

Excellent service from polite staff

They respond quickly when contacted and keep you informed of the problems, solutions and progress. Tidy up afterwards. Very polite and knowledgable staff.

Arun Gohil

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  • Correct identification is key.
  • We find the source of the infestation – and prevent it.
  • We provide valuable knowledge & advice.
  • Solution to provide effective fly control.

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