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Woodworm Control & Timber Treatments                     

Complete Woodworm Eradication & Prevention

Woodworm is a term used for wood boring beetles, the larvae causes the damage and the beetles spread the eggs on new timers.

Survey Process

Specialists In Effective Guaranteed Treatments

Structural timbers are essential for both residential and commercial buildings and need to be protected against beetle attack and decay so that the structure is not compromised. Our specialist operative will thoroughly survey inside and out to enable us to provide a detailed report & quotation with supporting images for remedial work. This will then be sent through to you.

PGH® Pest Control surveys are conducted by in house PCA  certificated experts to ensure you are fully aware of all woodworm and associated problems, like wood rot or damp issues that a building may have.

Book a site consultation visit today for woodworm today.

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  • Correct identification of cause and type of treatment is key.
  • We Guarantee our treatments for unto 25 years in most cases.
  • Our surveyors & technicians are PCA certificated.
  • Local in house fully employed specialist team.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
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What  happens next?

Our Survey Process

Initial Contact – Its as simple as calling us to make an appointment for our operative to make a site visit.

  • Property Visit – We will inspect the area of concern to you and we will also inspect other timbers in or around the property as woodworm spreads quickly.
  • Report & Proposal – A written report with supporting images and recommendations will be sent to you via e-mail outlining the issues identified and giving you your investment charge for repairs.
  • Added Value – We will also note any other remedial works, this is valuable if you have just bought a property and want to ensure you are doing everything you can to prevent pests and vermin damaging your home.
  • Our surveys are professional and we use specialist equipment to gather the correct information we therefore charge a consultation fee, we do however deduct 50% of the survey from the final quotation which is stated on the proposals. Remember we also guarantee the work for a long time as we carry out a through inspection and recommend the correct method of work.

Woodworm Control

Using The Correct Method Is Vital

There are many types of methods  available to treat different situations, properties and timber types.

The most commonly incorrectly used method to treat and control woodworm is a normal spray. It is highly advisable that only timber specialist treatment companies are used. For example large dimensional timbers can not be sprayed for effective control, you would need injection treatment or paste on treatment which gives much higher penetration in to the wood. 

Here at PGH Pest Control woodworm control  we use

  • Injection in to timbers
  • Specialist pumps
  • Paste on gels
  • Bat friendly treatments
  • Woodworm treatment equipment for listed buildings

Because we use our specialist methods this enables us to treat the wood correctly and therefore guarentee treatment.

We prepare the timbers either by s anding them down or cleaning the frass ( bi product of the woodworm) off from the timbers so the treatment effectively seeps deep in to the wood. We then treat the timbers with specialist woodworm treatment.

Some woodworm issues are caused by rising damp and associated problems in buildings at PGH we are trained to rectify all associated problems.

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