Woodworm Eradication & Prevention

Woodworm Eradication & Prevention

We offer effective guaranteed treatments

Structural timbers are essential for both residential and commercial buildings and need to be protected against beetle attack and decay so that the structure is not compromised. Our specialist operative will thoroughly survey inside and out to enable us to provide a detailed report & quotation with supporting images for remedial work. This will then be sent through to you.

PGH® Pest Control surveys are conducted by in house PCA  certificated experts to ensure you are fully aware of all woodworm and associated problems, like wood rot or damp issues that a building may have.

Correct woodworm control is vital

Using The Correct Method Is Vital as there are many types of methods available to treat different situations, properties and timber types.

The most commonly incorrectly used method to treat and control woodworm is a normal spray. It is highly advisable that only timber specialist treatment companies are used. For example large dimensional timbers can not be sprayed for effective control, you would need injection treatment or paste on treatment which gives much higher penetration in to the wood.

Woodworm in loft treatment from



Subject to site survey

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We use

  • Injection in to timbers
  • Specialist pumps
  • Paste on gels
  • Bat friendly treatments
  • Woodworm treatment equipment for listed buildings

Because we use our specialist methods this enables us to treat the wood correctly and therefore guarantee treatment.

We prepare the timbers either by sanding them down or cleaning the frass ( bi product of the woodworm) off from the timbers so the treatment effectively seeps deep in to the wood. We then treat the timbers with specialist woodworm treatment.

Survey for pre-purchase house survey / buyer report



Insect Control & Prevention

In the UK there are over 20,000 orders of insects

It is vital for us to understand what insect you have. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know – we can diagnose some insect problems over the phone – however in most cases we would carry out a specialist consultation and survey to provide the following benefits:

  • We cover a massive range of insect control from fleas, bed bugs, clothes moths, carpet beetles, and woodworm.
  • With all insects, it’s important to find their nests and what they are living on. We will treat the insects using the correct method but also look to kill the eggs and larvae.
  • Many companies will just treat the areas quickly & cheaply, and do nothing to combat the eggs or source of infestation. It is impossible to control infestations without knowing why they are there in the first place!

Our process


Survey your premises and identify insect, extent of your problem and insect issue you are facing.

Report and bespoke solution

A proposal with a bespoke solution, pictures and what guarantee we may offer for the work.

Carry out the work

Deal with insects effectively. Supply and install superior fixings or services to achieve your required results.

Service Report

Provide detailed report of service carried out.

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