Rat Mat

Protect your car from rats

A revolutionary way to protect your car from rodents

The RatMat rodent deterrent is an innovative, humane and cost effective solution to protect property.

Engine wires are particularly susceptible to rodents as they chew through wires and take shelter under the hood of your motor vehicle. The RatMat tiles can be used as a long term solution to prevent rats and mice causing expensive damage to property such as motor vehicles and motorcycles. The RatMat is safe, scalable and transportable and doubles as a hard-wearing floor surface.

Using a similar method to an electric fence, the main safety feature of the RatMat is the low energy pulse it uses. This is dramatically less powerful than a standard electric fence.

Benefits and features:

  • Humane rodent deterrent

  • Safe, scaleable, transportable

  • Doubles as a hard-wearing floor surface

  • No tools needed – easy to fit together

  • Only one power source needed, regardless of the size

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Protect your car from rodents
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Rodent Control Solutions

Rodents can cause:

  • Damage to buildings
  • Loss of customers for commercial premises
  • Risk of fines or imprisonment if you run a food business
  • Diseases and viruses which affect humans

Diseases rodents carry:

    • Arenavirus
    • Bartonellosis (Trench fever)
    • Capillariasis
    • Echinococcosis
    • Hantavirus
    • Leptospirosis
    • Rat bite fever
    • Salmonellosis
    • The Plague
    • Toxoplasmosis
    • Trichinellosis
    • Tularemia
    • Weil’s disease

Our process


Survey your premises and identify species, extent of your problem and issue you are facing with rodents.

Report and bespoke solution for commercial and large residential properties

A proposal with a bespoke solution and pictures .

Carry out the work

Deal with rodents humanely. Supply and install superior fixings or services to achieve your required results.

Service Report

Provide detailed report of service carried out.

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