A revolutionary way to protect your car from rodents

The RatMat rodent deterrent is an innovative, humane and cost effective solution to protect property.

Engine wires are particularly susceptible to rodents as they chew through wires and take shelter under the hood of your motor vehicle. The RatMat tiles can be used as a long term solution to prevent rats and mice causing expensive damage to property such as motor vehicles and motorcycles. The RatMat is safe, scalable and transportable and doubles as a hard-wearing floor surface.

Using a similar method to an electric fence, the main safety feature of the RatMat is the low energy pulse it uses. This is dramatically less powerful than a standard electric fence.

Benefits and features:

  • Humane rodent deterrent

  • Safe, scaleable, transportable

  • Doubles as a hard-wearing floor surface

  • No tools needed – easy to fit together

  • Only one power source needed, regardless of the size

Do not fit in public areas or where children or pets will come in contact with it. The shock is unpleasant but not harmful to adults, children or small mammals. 40 times less powerful that farm animal electric fencing. Safe to walk on with wellingtons and shoes as they will insulate you from the shock.

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Rodent damage to vehicles and electrical repairs can be quite costly. If you car is damaged by rats, your homeowners insurance is unlikely to cover the damages as rodent prevention and pest control is seen as a homeowners maintenance issue. However, you may be covered if you have comprehensive car insurance.

Why Deal With Rats?

Rats spread disease as they search for food and shelter. This poses great health risks particularly in kitchens or where children might play. The natural and constant gnawing habit of mice means they also cause damage to your property, furnishings and equipment.

Over a long period of time having an infestation uncontrolled or not removing dead mice will build up a natural food source known as keratin. Keratin attracts clothes moths and textile pests. These textile pests move in to your clothes and carpets and eat and damage them. This is another reason mouse proofing the property is so important after controlling them.

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