Bird Control and Prevention – How to get rid of birds?

Effective bird control is extremely important in order to prevent a number of serious issues. Pest birds carry many diseases which can be transmitted to humans, primarily through their foul (dried excrement can turn into powder which is harmful when inhaled and wet excrement can get into the human bloodstream through open wounds or poor hand hygiene). 49% of all feral pigeons carry disease and there are 60 different kinds...

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How much does loft insulation clearance cost?

Loft insulation clearance can be undertaken both by companies who focus exclusively on this product and also companies who provide it as part of another activity such as pest control, roofing and other home services such as window replacement, boiler repairs, and driveway repairs. Pricing a loft insulation clearance can be challenging as there are many factors which will affect the cost. The size of loft will make a huge...

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rat control & removal

How much does it cost to get rid of rats?

Although a common pest issue, rats pose a serious problem to both your property and your health; they can chew through furnishings and electrical cables, contaminate food sources and 50% of them carry the fatal Weils Disease plus other rodent-borne illnesses. They are also unhygienic, can create bad smells within your property, and multiply at an alarming rate so it’s important to get rid of rats as quickly and effectively...

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