Have you been informed of when we are coming to conduct the treatment?

If you are unsure when we will be arriving to carry out your treatment, please give us a call on 01483 273 478

Before we arrive

Is there anything I need to do before the technicians arrive?

Yes. Depending on where the bees are located, you may be required to clear certain areas of your property so that we can access them properly. This may include furniture or possessions which may be in the way of the area our technicians need to work. It will make our work a lot quicker and more efficient on the day if the area is clear. 

If there are access requirements such as cherry pickers or scaffolding, have you been informed of their arrival?

We make every effort to keep you informed through every step of your Live Honeybee Extraction, if you have not heard from us regarding access, please contact us as soon as possible.

Why is the access scaffolding or tower being delivered/ erected a few days before the removal?

A tower or scaffolding may be delivered/erected a few days before the removal to ensure there is no delays on the day of removal. There may also be a ladder for scaffolding left in the garden

On the day

Notify neighbours

A safe work area will be blocked off  for safety reasons and to ensure passers by are not stung. Please notify your neighbors beforehand of the removal to avoid any inconvenience.

Access to the house/building

We will need access to the house/building in case of honeycomb or bees coming down into the house.

Can I have the honey?

We can not give you any honey as we legally cannot guarantee it is safe to eat.

After Treatment

Why can I still see bee activity after the extraction has been completed?

Foraging bees which have been out collecting nectar whilst the removal was being carried out will return to the colony. Providing that proofing works have been conducted, they cannot get back in and they may cluster together near the original entrance or be hanging around the area attempting to gain entry. These will disperse over course of the next few weeks. External colonies will also be attracted to the strong smell of honey now that the area has been opened up, they will be attempting to steal the honey residue. (Why make it yourself, when you can steal it?)


When do I need to pay the balance of my outstanding bill?

Once all the works have been confirmed and completed as per your individual quotation, we will contact you for payment, alternatively you can contact us and get your final bill paid.

When will the scaffold/ cherry picker be removed?

Once all works have been completed, a quality check has been performed and final payment received, then we will arrange to have the access removed for you. We will inform you when they will be arriving to remove the scaffold or cherry picker


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