PEST TREATMENT What to expect…

Have you been informed of when we are coming to conduct the treatment?

If you are unsure when we will be arriving to carry out your treatment, please give us a call on 01483 273 478

Before we arrive

Is there anything I need to do before the technicians arrive?

Yes. Depending on where pest species are located, you may be required to clear certain areas of your property so that we can access them properly. This may include furniture or possessions which may be up against the wall in each room to be treated, our technicians will need to spray along skirting boards and edges of any rooms where the pests are hiding.  It will make our work more effective and efficient on the day if the area is clear and all large furniture is moved. The treatment will not be as effective if we cannot treat these areas.

Do I need to be out the house during the treatment?

Yes. You are required to be out of the house on the day for the entirety of the treatment process and up to 4 hours AFTER the treatment has been completed. This is due to the risk of inhaling or coming into physical contact with the chemicals used. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped to use these chemicals.  We will inform you when the treatment has been completed and when you will be safe to enter the property again.

Do my pets need to be out of the house too?

Yes. Any pets must also be out of the house during treatment as they are as much at risk as you are. Please arrange before the date of your treatment for any pets to be out of the property once the technicians arrive.

I have had Clothes Moth in my wardrobes/drawers, what do I need to do with my clothing?

Although we can provide insecticidal treatments to any rooms and loft spaces, we may not necessarily be able to treat clothing directly. It is best practice to wash these items yourself at a high temperature (60 degrees). Please check they will not damage in a hot was beforehand. Alternatively get them professionally dry cleaned or you can freeze the items by placing them in a chest freezer or equivalent for one week. This will ensure that any adult moths or eggs are eradicated without the need for professional grade insecticide.

I have bed bugs, do I need to throw my mattress away?

It is not necessary to throw out mattresses that have bed bugs. Treatments and special mattress covers are available to solve the problem. For more information call us on 01483 273 478

After Treatment

What do I need to do once the treatment has been completed?

Depending on the treatment provided it may be necessary to be out of the house for up to 4 hours once the treatment has been conducted. Try to avoid the areas treated where possible, although it is safe to enter the house and the residual sprays should be dry, the active chemical ingredient will still be present on the surfaces, this is to ensure that any insects that crawl over the treated area come into contact with the insecticide and will be active for 12 weeks-6 months to ensure continued results. If any surfaces are still wet, avoid contact until dry.

Can I clean the area after treatment?

No. To ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible, it is advised that you do not hoover or clean the treated areas for as long as possible or at least a minimum of 4 weeks. This ensures that the treatment has enough time to work and that the insects come into contact with the treatment.

My property has been treated for Bed Bugs; do I need to stay out of the house?

No. When treating Beg Bugs it is very important that you stay in the house after treatment. Bed Bugs feed on blood and will come out at night and feed on whoever is in the bed at the time, if no one is present the eggs and adults can lay dormant for up to 1 year until they detect the presence of food, this means that they won’t come into contact with the treatment and therefore any infestation will not be eradicated. This means it is vital for the success rate of the treatment that you stay living in your house and sleep in your bed.

I have had a flea treatment done, but I am still seeing fleas around.

It is normal to see activity for up to 4 weeks after treatments. This is a normal minimum active life span of the treatment. Therefore additional treatments are pointless within this time frame. After treatment it may seem to make the problem worse, this is due to the insecticide agitating the insect. When controlling pests, both physical and pesticide treatment should be used where possible.


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