RODENT TREATMENT What to expect…

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Before we arrive

Is there anything I need to do before the technicians arrive?

Yes. Depending on where the rodents are located, you may be required to clear certain areas of your property so that our technicians can access them properly, anything which prevents access may decrease the effectiveness of the treatment. These areas are known as ‘Harbourage’ which is anywhere where pests can shelter and feel safe, clearance of these areas helps to stop pests being attracted to your property. If there is anything that may be contaminated by the rodents coming into contact with it, do not move it as it will pose a health risk to yourself if touched.

Do I need to be in the house during the treatment?

Yes. During the initial survey visit and the entirety of the 3 Stage Treatment, it is much better for the success of the treatment if you are also present at the property to discuss what you have seen or heard and where you believe the activity to be. This will greatly help the technician to determine what species may be to blame and how best to resolve your pest issue.

What will the technician actually do?

All of our technicians are BPCA Level 2 trained which is the industry standard qualification required to be a licenced pest controller. They have a wide range of knowledge and experience and will always try to give you the best advice and service possible to solve your pest problem. On an initial survey visit for rodents, the technicians will require as much access as possible to all areas of your property. Rodents are very intelligent animals and can access all sorts of areas of your home in various ways, so it is important for our technicians to access as many areas as possible to check for activity. These areas include, the external boundary of the property, any internal and external service cupboards, the garden, all loft spaces, the kitchen (specifically under the units), airing cupboards and many more areas. Our technicians will conduct a thorough survey of the entire property and report back any findings in their report.

After Treatment

Why am I hearing increased activity after the technicians have been?

Depending on the type of treatment the technicians have provided there may be increased amounts of activity. This will be due to the fact that the technician has placed bait down which will attract any rodents in this immediate area. The noise should decrease over time as the rodents will hopefully have eaten the bait.

I have found the dead body of a rodent on my property, what should I do?

The best thing to do in this situation is to call us to remove it, especially if we have used bait during the treatment. The rodent body will be contaminated with the bait and poses a danger to pets, such as dogs scavenging predators or birds of prey. If you see a dead body on your property and it poses a risk to yourself, children or pets then please collect it (without it coming into contact with your skin) using a plastic bag and put it in a safe place until we come out and collect it.

Can my child or pet be at risk if they come into contact with the bait, what should I do if this happens?

Every care is taken to minimise the access children and pets have to any bait used on your property, bait is placed in areas where little hands or greedy mouths cannot get to, however, accidents can happen. To prevent this further the manufacturers make these products with a ‘Bittering Agent’ which gives the bait a very unpleasant bitter taste to anything other than rodents, reducing the chance of it being eaten.

As these products are made for creatures much smaller than common pets or humans the amount of bait required to have any kind of detrimental effect is much higher. Regardless of this fact, if any bait does get consumed Vitamin K is the associated antidote to the anticoagulant active ingredients found in the type of bait we use. This information will be listed on your treatment report and must be shown to a doctor or vet so that they may administer a Vitamin K shot to reverse the effects.

If it is a simple matter of direct skin contact, simply wash the area with warm soapy water before eating or drinking.


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