PEST BEHAVIOUR Why your home is about to be invaded

The Sun Oct 2018

PEST BEHAVIOUR Why your home is about to be invaded by twice as many mice, maggots dropping from the ceiling and bedbugs you’ve brought back from your summer holiday

This year promises a bumper infestation of rodents thanks to the warm summer.

BRITISH homeowners should brace themselves for an invasion of deadly and disgusting critters as the cold weather sets in, pest controllers are warning.

This time of year is when swarms of rodents and insects look to escape the seasonal chill by seeking refuge inside warm homes… and this autumn is set to be one of the worst yet for rats, maggots and other skin-crawling creatures.

Last week, four London schools were shut for a month after becoming infested with false widow spiders – and only today we reported that a dad of two had been left with a 50p-sized hole in his leg after being bitten as he slept.

But it could be your home which is ripe for the next invasion, and it’s not just spiders who come looking for a warm refuge at this time of year.

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